Little Rock, Arkansas

I signed up for essurance auto insurance over the phone. I got liability insurance on a 1999 Nissan.

I have never had an accident or tickets. My payments were still a whopping $91 month. The next month comes along and they automatically drafted $131 out of my account! I would never authorize an enormous amount like this.

I never got an email telling me that my account would be drafted nor did I even get emails about my account period! It's bad enough paying $91 for liability but there is no way I would have agreed to $131 a month. They are supposed to refund about $60 of my money....I guess Im gonna have to wait....learned my lesson.

I will never go online and get insurance again! EVER!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Esurance Auto Insurance.

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Esurance is the worst ins. company ever.

They are crooks to the max.Quoted me one price (low) and 3 months later the price went way up.. Paid the high price one time and will never pay again. They sent me an e-mail and said if I did not pay they would take it out of my account every month. I used my ATM card to pay so they had the numbers on it.

I called my bank and cancelled my atm card.They will never get another dime from me. They are the worst. Don't ever get ins.

with them. You will be sorry if you do.


The same here. The quote and later policy rate was $185 less than what they deducted from my account.

I was told it was a newer fee in Mi that is charged by all companies here. Wrong!

I switched to another insurer and they said the fee is part of all their quotes - so I was charged exactly what they quoted. I was definitely ripped off too.


Now you know why it is very unwise to allow anyone to take money out of your bank account. Either have them send a paper bill each month and pay it with a check or use a credit card so you can dispute bad charges.


I got a call from a rep from Essurance after seeing my complaint. I was refunded what was left on my premium after I cancelled the policy.

After speaking with the rep, he noted that there were emails supposedly sent to me but he could tell they were not opened because I never got any correspondence from them. He offered to reinstate my policy but I declined.

Essurance also charged me a $50 cancellation fee, which the rep refunded to me a couple days later.


I did use a credit card initially. The issue was that I never agreed to automatic payments nor to the amount the charged to me on the following month.

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