I went on Esurance to get a quote for my daughter. Their quote was $172 per month for the same coverage that Progressive quoted at less than $100. So I hit the X without completing anything. Within 5 minutes, my phone rings and it's Esurance. I explained that if I wanted them to call me, I wouldn't have gone online for the quote. The girl on the phone cut me off and said "Unfortunately, if you submit a quote, we are going to call you to discuss it and see if there are any changes we can make to it." When I said "Unfortunately, I don't want to discuss it because Progressive gave me a quote that is less than half..." she cut me off again so I hung up on her. I then blocked the number.

That's when I checked my email and had to block them there, too.

Here's a clue, Esurance, harrassing people isn't going to get you business. When I go online for a simple quote at 7:30pm on a Sunday night, I don't want you calling my house because I didn't buy it. Even if you quoted me a better price now, I wouldn't buy from you. The fact that you didn't and that the internet is riddled with complaints about you harrassing the people who did actually buy insurance from you to buy more insurance is just further evidence that not buying from you is a wise decision.

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