I bought a 6 month policy from Esurance on October 14th. An hour later after reading about their horrible reputation and bad reviews online I called and cancelled the same policy with a person named Dawn telling her I decided to stay with my current company. The policy was not to commence for five more days. She cancelled the policy and Esurance took their sweet old time sending me a refund check. I paid by PayPal but somehow I wasn't entitled to a refund in the same manner I paid. Fine---a check was received from Esurance that bounced like a rubber ball!!! The last time I checked that is against the law.

I have called my bank and initiated a chargeback for the initial charge and informed PayPal about the fraudulent tactics of a seller they allow. If they treat potential customers this way I shudder to know what they do once they have you as a customer.

Also as a warning, if you use paypal to pay they will set and try to lock in a permanent auto payment in with that first payment meaning they can arbitrarily remove money from your PP if they say its for the policy. I had PP remove that from my account at once. That is not stated upfront either. Stay away from these people and chose someone reliable and local. Allstate should be ashamed to be linked to these gutter rats.

Product or Service Mentioned: Esurance Auto Insurance.

Monetary Loss: $368.

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