Tukwila, Washington

I have been a licensed Insurance Agent for over 13 years, I have seen every trick in the book. So BEFORE I started my policy I called in and made sure the MVR, CLUE and Credit was ran to ensure the premium I was quoted was correct. The Esurance rep said he ran all the reports and advised the premium he quoted was firm.

Well, today about 3 weeks after starting my Esurance policy I get an email and discover my premium has increased over $300 every 6 months. Of course I called in and talked to one of their reps. She tired to feed me the BS line they must pass off on everyone else. About after the quote they ran some reports hence the increase in premium. When I pressed her on what these mystery reports were she started with MVR. Nope, I have the quote and policy binding doc showing MVR was ran BEFORE policy started. She then said CLUE, nope that was ran as well. As was whatever credit scale they use.

She could not give me anything close to a straight and logical answer on the bait and switch. Apparently it is my problem to get this corrected? Odd, as I would NEVER bind a policy until I had proof and their word the premium was firm.

That's fine, I have dealt with the folks at the Insurance Commissioners office before, calling them tomorrow.

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