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I've had Esurance for about 3 years. I have full coverage/uninsured motorists courage/ property damage coverage. I have two vehicles on the policy with also two individuals on the policy. I am the policy holder and my daughter who is now 26 is also on the policy.

My daughter was driving someone else's vehicle when she crashed into two other vehicle and totaled the one she was driving. Here is the issue.... The vehicle she was driving did not have any coverage for vehicle insurance. My insurance Esurance which my daughter is named on the declaration page is refusing to repair the vehicle my daughter was driving at the time of the accident. The owner of the vehicle was a passenger in the vehicle and had asked my daughter to drive at the time of the accident. Essurance is now suing myself, my daughter as well as the owner of the vehicle. They are stating that they are not responsible to repair this vehicle as my daughter was "not listed as a named insured in the declarations page". They are saying at the time of the accident my daughter was listed as "an additional driver on the declaration page". My daughter is listed on the declaration page! I have done so much investigation as to whom should be responsible for the repair of the vehicle and it all leads to Esurance as to whom should provide coverage in this situation. I am appalled that I pay for coverage each month to this company for the event that if something such as what occurred occurred, we both would be covered. To then have my own car insurance company turn around and sue me is to say the least appalling.

If her name is on the policy is she covered?

HELP please!!!!

Monetary Loss: $25000.

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In California, insurance follows the car, so if the owner of the car had insurance, that insurance is primary.


She is only covered while driving a vehicle that you insure. Insurance follows vehicles, not drivers.

The fact that the other vehicle was not insured is both gross negligence and and illegal act by the owner of the vehicle.

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