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Should have realized what a sleazy outfit Esurance is when they asked for my charge card number to show "good faith", since it cost them $ to run my credit and get my driving record info. After running my credit and driving record, and given a "firm" quote, it mysteriously went up over $100 when I gave them the go ahead to get the policy going.After renegotiating terms, (the effective dates were supposedly the problem), the effective start of the insurance was 2 weeks away.

Was told I had to provide my current "insurance declaration", and had to approve the agreement I would be sent to my email. Then the insurance would be approved, and my charge card would be charged. (Well, it didn't work that way. Within minutes of the phone call, my card was charged the $910 for a six month policy and was immediately deducted from my account!!) About 1/2 hour after getting off the line Esurance, I received a call from a local Allstate Agent , which I also had a quote request with, (parent company by the way) they matched the quote from Esurance as well as gave me a great price for house insurance.I called immediately the Esurance hot line and cancelled the policy.

This was about an hour after the original Esurance call. I was assured that all agreements were cancelled and all was OK.The next day while doing my normal online banking, I noticed my available balance was $910 less than the actual balance.

I new immediately what was going on, called Esurance that second and was told my card was accidentally charged, and my $ would be refunded within 24-48 hours.After several other calls to them, and also a visit to my bank to try to resolve the problem, I was advised today, over a week later, that my refund has not even been processed!!I told the Esurance supervisor I was going to file a request with my bank that this charge was unauthorized, and she said, by law, they have 30 days to refund my $, and if I filed an unauthorized complaint, it would totally "freeze" my refund! I'm basically at they're mercy.

Monetary Loss: $910.

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