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The DMV want me to pay $55dls reissue fee for laps of coverage. Because after signing up with Esurance I was sent a letter of denial almost a month after paying my add-on fee.

So I got service with progressive. The very same day I was cancelled.I had coverage till the end of the month. But Because Esurance sends an automatic cancellation to the Dmv after I argued with them. Making it look like there was a laps in coverage.

But I had already got progressive. I don't get it they can do that automatically . But yet it took a week to send a verification letter to the DMV of coverage from Esurance. I don't get it How they are allowed to say in business.

I will never do business with a company like Esurance again. Not only did they take my good earned money. But now I have to fight the DMV every time for a $55dls reissue fee.

Besides paying a $31dls renewal fee. There should be a law against this type of robbery.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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