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What's really bizarre is that Esurance has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. That's insanity, especially since they have something like 200 complaints or more. I don't normally get too irate about companies that charge too much or bend you over a little, but for Esurance I'm making an exception because they really are what's wrong with insurance.

I've been a customer with them for maybe five or six years now? When I signed up they gave me a high quote because I had a point on my license and didn't own my car yet so I was required to get comprehensive, collision and liability. After I paid off my car, I switched to just liability, and the rate dropped to roughly $700 premium every six months. I tried to get the premium down, but they were inflexible, and told me it would go down eventually in the next year or so. Long story short, my point is now gone from my license and I have a spotless driving record now. Eventually my premium was raised to $800 every 6 months. So it didn't go down. It went up.

I told them I drove my car on average less than 2700 miles a year, which is true because I work from home. They said I'd need to provide proof, which is fair, but they required two documents from garages at least a year apart that showed the license plate number and the VIN. That seemed very untrusting to me. But I scanned them in and sent them. I eventually got on my wife's policy with AAA, and I only need pay not $600 every YEAR! That's right, Esurance was to charge me $1000 more than that a year. So I just saved $1000 by switching.

When I called back to cancel with Esurance (my policy was set to renew in less than twenty days), they did so promptly. They said there'd be a balance paid back. But then I get an email notifying me of the cancellation, then a reinstatement of my policy, then a bill for an extra $32. Huh? I called back, and they weren't sure why the policy was reinstated, so they cancelled again. They said the $32 charge was because I cancelled my policy. Technically it's a $50 charge, but the money I was going to receive back they just subtracted that from the balance. So I'm getting nada back.

I logged into my Esurance page today and switched my banking information so they can't charge me. This just seems like bad business. And more of a headache than it should've been. And they're too dang expensive!

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