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i called ESURANCE roadside assistance because our truck stalled and it took almost 3 hours for the tow truck to reach us. we were in 98 degree weather and i had 3 dogs with me.

i almost passed out from heat stroke and dehydration. one of my dogs almost died... we called at 11 am and they said it would take 60 mins, after 80 mins. still no show and now they said another 20 mins.

the third time i called, they had no record that we've even called and was put on hold 20 mins..... finally confimed we did call, but the truck driver is still MIA.. meantime, we have limited food and funds and our water is running out. i am seriously debating calling 911 at this time because i am sooo exhausted and weak.

we got out of our truck and sat by the side of the road because of the high temps in the truck. when the driver finally showed up, he had no idea that we had been waitiing so long. Esurance endangered our lives and our dogs' lives by leaving us stranded for 3 hours. Do not use them unless you want to put yourself in harm's way.

we live in the mountains where it snows and temps are sub zero, what then? 3 hours in the freezing cold would've definitely killed me and my dogs. HORRIFIC and TRAUMATIC experience. The supervisor was not sympathetic but cold when I talked to them later that evening.

Her name is Michelle and she is at extension 2127. She told me the company that they partner with was responsible not them, and it was 'acceptable' to come within 3 hours for an emergency call!!!!!

Why is it emergency roadside assistance then? might as well call it camel's pace emergency assistance

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