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be-careful everyone not to purchase any insurance online with esurance they are a big scam . I switch from Geigo to Esurance thinking that they have better service and save money it turned to be 200% the opposite.

My insurance with Esurance : PANY7727197. online for 6 month liability $217.

what actually Esurance did is 217$ a month and changed my liability to full coverage without me knowing. do not rust there online system it will milk the *** at you.

when I called the customer service they even send me a paper having my name on it that I agreed of the charge.

does it make since that I was paying 686.20 for full coverage with GEIGO to switch to ESURANCE and pay $1302.00 for 6 months???

this is a scam and a shame for a big company operate in the US taking money from people by using the online system.....

to confirm I attached a history of what I was paying with Geigo .... unless I am crazy going from 686.20 to 1302.00 calling Angry it saving.

Product or Service Mentioned: Esurance Auto Insurance.

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