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Had a minor accident on 2/19/17 wherein my 2013 Nissan was struck by a small deer "doe" from the driver side at approx. 10 pm on a dark night.

Because I did not actually strike anything or anyone and this being the weekend, I knew it was nothing my insurance company was going to do until at least Monday. I contacted them Monday and reported what had happened. I was assigned an agent about a day or so later. He compared notes from what I reported to their office and it appeared he was grilling me with rhetorical questions.

He then asked who else was in my vehicle and I let him know, my vehicle had four occupants, myself, my daughter and her two boys. I was taking my daughter home after she visited her mother in Blackstone, Virginia. It was approximately 10:30 at night and traffic was unusually heavy. My daughter is in her 30's and has never been licensed to drive in Virginia.

Her kids are minors, one 14 and the other is 9 years of age. I had asked my (consistently texting) 14 year old grandson to take pictures of the damage because I thought his phone may have had a flash due to the dim lighting of the evening skies. Later, I found he had not taken any. He's got one temper and had not mentioned he actually lost his phone at the scene of the accident.

The little deer was on the side of the roadway and he had used a flashlight app to try and check on the status of the little deer. My left headlight had been broken and knocked out of the car but I was equally concerned he was going to try and work on the deer but I knew from experience the deer may have been just knocked out and when he awakens, a young deer can panic and destroy you when it gets up. Additionally, with the flow of traffic, my daughter and myself were concerned also with keeping the kids safe and away from traffic. Later my daughter hands me the phone at home, and said it was the agent on the phone saying he was trying to answer some questions.

I said ok and the questions he asked, I felt were reasonable, at the time. However when my daughter told me he had called the day before asking her the same questions but clearly indicating he felt things happened differently(??) She said he insinuated she had been the driver and not the insured or that I had struck someone or asked about the pictures that I had taken(??) She told him there were no pictures available because she felt the child had either lost his phone or had gotten mad at someone on his phone and had thrown it out of the window. The agent came close to insisting when we talked the next day or so and I blew up at him. I told him first of all I did not appreciate his insinuations, that I cooperated with him during his investigation and that he had no right interviewing my daughter as she advised him initially she was not injured and answered him saying she does not drive.

So I warned him, the agent, not to harass nor try intimidation tactics on my kids. I let him know once again she does not drive and that I the driver and insured had answered his questions. I had hesitated earlier because had worried we didn't have the coverage needed to get a rental car while the repairs were being made to my vehicle. But reassured by the office that no reason to worry because I had comprehensive and rental cars were included.

During the course of this so called investigation, another agent was assigned to replace the first one , who, in turn re-investigated everything up to and including saying he needed the pictures before he could conclude his investigation. I told him i had already gone over all the facts and in a detailed manner in the spirit of cooperation but that I was beginning to smell they doing something that did not smell quite right. He essentially told me no pictures, no repair!!Then I hit him with both barrels, by telling him I was not going to be intimidated and there was nothing in rules and regulations that made me responsible for getting any pictures to him prior to getting my claim resolved nor getting my vehicle repaired. He then told me he wanted all records off of my phone of both incoming and outgoing calls(??) I related to him that I gave access to the adjuster and when I gave him my phone he returned it stating the insurance company has no need of my phone nor my pictures once he has arrived on the scene.

With that in mind, I related to this *** that I was evoking my 5th Amendment Rights under the constitution and that I would not allow him to trample on my Rights ie; Self Incrimination prohibited. I did not tell him I'm a Retired Federal Law Enforcement Official. I filed a complaint with ACLU and now I am going to request under the Freedom of Information Act, every word or statement written to or about me in the insurance files. I want copies of everything put in any and all folders mentioning my name, the insured, used in any format within these continental United States of America or abroad that he /or his office may have access or perview over.

I related to the gentleman that he is hereby being advised that he is in direct violation of my First and Fifth Amendment Rights 1st being my Freedom of Speech and in violation of my rights of Privacy and confidentiality, while acting as an agent of this company further holding that the company he represents is in Breach of Contract. That being said, you should be enlightened and able and informed sufficiently to the knowledge that Esurance Auto Insurance will make every attempt NOT to pay their contractural obligations to you as their insured, therefore you are advised to find another company as this one, Esurance have shown they are not the recommend choice of the informed consumer.

Good day and God bless. (Feel Free to pass it on to those in similar contradictions with this unreliable company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Esurance Auto Claim.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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