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Trying to deny my car accident claim for the dumbest made up reason ever. Never missed a payment on my full coverage policy.

Read below to see how bad Esurance actually is.

They ask where I was coming from and where was I heading? I told them I was going home from a home improvement supply store. I then get a letter saying they no longer want to cover my claim because they say i was using my vehicle for work related travel. First off I never said I was working or that my trip was work related. Second of all I'm unemployed and have been for 2 years. So there is no way my trip was work related. Theyou also say my vehicle is registered to my work address. My father owned a company. The company rents out a garage Bay at our house. So we have a full house and next door we have a large commercial garage that my father's company works out of. So my vehicle is not registered to a business address. Plus all employees of that company receive pay checks and pay taxes. I am not one of those employees. Also my vehicle is a luxury vehicle and it's obvious just by looking at it that it's no work vehicle. Also has not one tool in the entire vehicle. My father's company has a fleet of fully equipped work trucks and trailersee. He would never need to use my vehicle for anything work related. I think it's pretty ridiculous they jump to the conclusion that I'm using my vehicle for work purposes just because I'm returning for a supply store which I was at to look at purchasing a kitchen faucet for my house. They didn't even try to call me to straighten it out they just send a very broad ignorant letter denying my claim. After I've never missed a single payment with full coverage. They pretty much will just about make stuff up if they think they can get away with it. Anything to get out of paying I guess. Really poor customer service and customer loyalty. They act like they are such a great insurance company until you actually need them. You better get a lawyer because in the case of Esurance they try to get over on there own customers which is sad.

Product or Service Mentioned: Esurance Auto Insurance.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Simple fix. Just show them proof that your vehicle is no reregistered in a business name or to the address of a business.

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