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Got a email this am saying my auto insurance was canceled. I called them and they acted like I had been avoiding them for months about some info. I advised them that I had called in the month before and updated my account and billing method.

I asked her if it was so necessary that I needed to be gotten a hold of why did they not ask me when I was updating my account. Sorry im only clairvoyant in the winter months pfft. All she would say is oh sorry about that. "in a sarcastic voice" Then tried to tell me it would be 400.00 to re enact my account. That's for 1 car with full coverage and 1 truck with liability. No tickets or accidents. Long story short, I advised her on the method of pounding sand up one's kiester.

I now have insurance with state farm and the payment is 120.00 a month for 500 less detectible and 25k more coverage than I had. Esurance... YOU SUCK!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Esurance Auto Insurance.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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I had the same thing happen to me.

When I moved out here to Florida I had to find another insurance company. So I decided to try Esurance. At first they seemed eager for my business. After waiting on the phone for them to verify the information I gave them on me and the two others who live at my house, we were set up.

A month later, I receive a notice that my policy may be cancled if I don't also insure these other people (whom I never heard of) and also my wife's license was expired and they couldn't find anything about my sister-in-law.

We called and seemed to get that fixed as I explained I never heard of those people they listed, my wife's license is not expired (they had changed her state to florida then said it was expired when we clearly had it set up from new mexico on the original call). Also it isn't my fault their information gathering service can't find my sister-in-law.

They then wanted proof of prior insurance again. So I gave it to them again.

Last night, just before bed, I checked my email and discovered a notice that they were canceling my policy. No reason given, but details would be online. I checked online and no details existed. I called but was told I had to speak to an underwriter and they are closed.

They even had the gaul to ask if I wanted to get renter's insurance with them.

Further, it appears they are attempting to extract an early cancelation fee from my account even though it is they who did the canceling.

Luckily I have already found another provider who happens to be much cheaper than esurance. We will see if they try the same kind of games.

Keep in mind, esurance is associated with allstate, so allstate is also suspect.

I advise everyone stay away from esurance. Because I tried them, I am now hosed since my time with my last insurance company (them) is now 2 months. Previous to that I had farmer's and was with them for 12 years. So all that good will is blown away.


:sigh Sorry to hear that you had a bad experience... i have had a policy with them for 3 years and never had a problem with communication or improper cancellations or charging.

Policy price was great and they helped with getting more discounts for me. Called just today to add a car and they gave me a great price with $500 deductible.


Same thing just happened to me. I paid my bill on 5/27/11.

They accepted payment. Just had a credit show up in my account this morning on 6/7/11. Checked my account. Turns out they cancelled my policy without ANY indication they were planning to.

Said they didn't have my new info. Just like that!

No flippin insurance and I ONLY found out b/c I checked my bank account???? Screw Esurance!!They are a joke!!!

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