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Update by user Mar 26, 2012

** UPDATE **

Just in case you were wondering, ESURANCE charges you $5 for paperless transactions. (Debit Card - The same thing as a check for the record)

I\'m not quite sure how saving trees costs you that much of a transaction fee but the deeper I get into this companies policies (ALLSTATE) I am realizing they are gouging the trusting consumers wallet.

Original review posted by user Feb 20, 2012

#1 - I ordered an esurance policy online. I was a customer less than two years ago, then I sold my car. Why on earth would I need insurance when I don't have a car right? Esurance charges me 100$ for not having insurance on a car I don't own... This has to be illegal? I'm taking this as far as I can.

#2 - I go to cancel my policy, less than 12 hrs. Later, and they want to chargd md 50$ I was told I could cancel in 6 months for no fee. Really. I just shelled out over 600$

#3 - My "quote" was $70. I signed up, paid, then get a raise in my premium notification letting me know my monthly had increased to 120$ - attributed to a DMV issue that they can't even tell me.

Let me get this straight, I need to go to the DMV for countless hours I don't have, to perhaps get a reduction? You are already charging me for it. You go do it.


I am going to do everything in my power, with this voice, to squash esurance. I hope you will join me in the fight. Facebook it, yelp it, blog it. Let's reduce some revenue.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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This company is a scam just cancelled my policy for no reason at all


You have the right idea, stand up for yourself! Esurance is on my crap list, they are costing me around $10,000 with their lack of customer service...please read my review.


After cancelling my coverage with them, they owed me a refund since i cancelled prior to the end of the term. i found insurance way cheaper.

They advised me that it may be up to 45 DAYS before I receive a refund. i guess they like holding their customers hostage!!!




Esurance is a puppet by ALL STATE ! the moment it is backed by ALL STATE , it is nothing more than a proxy of ALLSTATE. Just trash this company ASAP


I currently have esurance and I got quoted $90 for my insurance and paid that for about 6 months then my premiums went up $200 and they did not tell me.. So now I pay $115..

Then I called them in advanced to ask them to move the date they pull the insurance just by a few days so it landed on my pay cycle and they are charging me a late fee of $15 just to move it a couple days from the due date... They seem like they are only in it for the money and not to help there customers at all


Only in it for the money is hitting the nail right on the head!


I can't begin to explain the lack of service I've received from E-surance!!!!!!!!! HORRIBLE!!!

We submitted a claim for our vehicle and heard from the adjustor before anyone at Esurance. We kept the appointment and had her come out and all was great. I called my claim rep, because I had yet to hear back from anyone other than her. Left him a message since he was on vacation!

Couple of days later (still no call back from claim rep) my adjustor calls back and I explain I haven't had a conversation yet with Mr. STEVE MONTIEL! she says, "Oh really?.. Well I see here that the check is already in the mail".

Ok I say. Well that was easy! (SO I THOUGHT!)

A couple of days later I don't see a check in the mail. Call STEVE MONTIEL again. No answer. Leave message. NO CALL BACK(It's been over a month now, and NO CALL BACK!!!!)

I then receive a letter that my claim is under investigation due to me being UNCOOPERATIVE!!!!!! Are you serious????

So I call the Esurance 800 number and talk with an extremely RUDE customer service rep in their Dallas office HOLLY BAILEY!!!!

I explain to her that I'm pretty upset that I still have *** in my roof over a month after I placed my claim... She goes on to follow up my statement with "Lets get one thing clear, its your responsibility to cover that hole while your claim is under review and esurance will not be liable for any additional damages!!!" .. I think to myself, you must be kidding me, did that just come out of her mouth????

I *** my tongue and say, Yes.. I understand! She brings up my account and starts reading my account notes out loud. I go to explain additional items that may not be in my notes and she says "Well if you let me finish reading your file i MIGHT be able to help you"...

WOW!!!!!! I quickly interrupted her and requested a supervisor...

I ask for her direct supervisor contact information as well as the supervisor of STEVE MONTIEL who also worked at that office and his supervisors information... She passes me on to his voicemail knowing that he TOO is on vacation and won't be in until next week!!!

As soon as I get this claim settled, I will be leaving Esurance and I will make a negative post about their lack of customer care every opportunity I get... Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest... ANY AND EVERY OPPORTUNITY I GET!!!!!

It's unfortunate that due to these 2 individuals, I am know anti Esurance... The company shouldn't suffer for the lack of customer care these 2 individuals have provided, BUT IT WILL.

For all companies out there... BE PICKY about who answers your phones and interacts with your customers, because they will be what brand your company in the industry and these two people Steve Montiel and Holly Bailey did the worst possible job I could ever imagine and have lost me, my family and any one else I can talk out of becoming a customer!!!!!!!!

FYI... training Customer Service Representatives and Sales Representatives is what I do for a living and I can tell you right now Esurance knows nothing about Customer Care!!!!


I agree, they know nothing about customer service....I am anti-Esurance as well AND I had different people to deal with so - it’s the whole company not just your two idiots...


Mike - Forgive the insurance agent...first of all he don't know english and I think he is too dumb to know he is dumb...not can be done about him...


#1 Before you go defending your career path by making a statement about a statement perhaps you should make sure you don't put words into other peoples mouth. Especially using the word "ignorant".

Re-read my comment, I said, "This has to be Illegal." Not, "This is Illegal."

Let us think about this. I am not driving. I do not own a car, yet, insurance companies require me to "maintain" my policy at a "reduced" rate so there is no lapse in coverage.

Sure, it makes no sense to cancel your policy and start one up a week later. For the sake of argument I sold my car a year and a half ago.

If I paid $50 a month, that would put Esurance up $900.

Because I opted to not pay Esurence $900, I was told I needed to pay $100 fee. I don't have to agree with this. That is a pretty sneaky way of extracting capital if you ask me.

#2 I was told I would have to pay $50 to cancel my policy that was under 10 hours old. If there is no fee for cancellation, perhaps they should educate their employees so they don't misinform their customers.

#3 I'm glad the fine print says that the said company reserved the right to change the policy up to 60 days. Obviously I was not honest? People like me? Unbelievable.

If you want to insult my character based on my anger with an insurance company be my guest. It wont change the fact that I feel upset about how this process works.

As far as the DMV goes. I did my research with Esurence. I was told they received a code from the DMV that simply said, "I failed to pay attention to a sign." That is all the information Esurence used to almost double my rate.

Having Esurance call the DMV was not serious. It was a joke. I'm sorry that you feel that I am a ***, an *** and ignorant, and that people like me are helping our economy live in the dump.

In retort, I work 6 days a week at a fantastic start-up here in San Francisco as an engineer helping to develop and application that WILL help our crippled economy.

Your inability to debate the topic by name calling is rather amusing.

If anyone sounds moronic, idiotic and ignorant now, it would be you.


#1 before you state things are illegal you should do some research before being ignorant about what you dont know in the first place......No you are not required to have insurance when you do not own a car however keeping an active policy will allow you to simply replace the car on your policy without having a lapse of coverage which can negatively affect what you pay for insurance....in addition to that if you choose to cancel your policy you simply need to surrender your license plate to alleviate the dmv to take action (suspend) your drivers license....it makes no sense to cancel your policy to start it back up in a week with a new car

#2 there is no fee to cancel a policy with any company any money owed to a company is simply premium for the time you have been insured for with said coverages

#3 a company has 60 days to make changes to your insurance policy for underwriting reasons no questions asked....obviously you were not honest in the first place about your driving history and in order for people like myself who have a good record not to have to pay higher costs for people like you...a company has to do their due diligence to make sure they are rating their customers appropriately

as far as an insurance company calling the dmv on your behalf...you are as dumb as the previous comments you made....do you actually think an insurance company is going to work for you on your dmv record...the dmv record is something every company will pull...if you have issue regarding its content its your job to fix it...***....we wonder why our economy is in the dump...its because we have idiots like you running their trap when they have no clue what the *** they are talking about

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