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Ok So a Recieved a call From a Service Assurance Manager from Esurance on Wendsday the 20th at 9:30am wanting to ask me if i was willing to provide them (Esurance) with my current policy for proof of verification, that they where willing to help me out with my refund, and apologizing about the whole situation i had been thru with the representatives and licenced agents at Esurance, and on how it was all a big misunderstanding.I gave her all my information regrading my current policy, and on a three way calling confrence we contacted my current policy company we verified that everything was correct and in place since the 9th of April of 2011 with my current insurence rep agent. and everything was fine after we had hung up the Assurance Manager from Esurance told me she would refund my cancelation policy from the 9th of April till the 19th which was the origianl expiration date on my policy with esurance.

after that conversation she had asked me if i can kindly remove the comment below or add to it saying that the situation has been resolved.

Well the situation has been resolved i did get my refund back, but the hard time, aggrevation, and many calls i did to Esurance, It is Priceless!! ( I would like to Thnak if it was not for this website my complaint would have never been addressed Thank you Pissed

Original review posted by user Apr 18, 2011

I have been with Esurance for nearly a year now on April the 19th. I called on the 9th of April to cancel my insurance with them now that i have been trying to get a cheaper renewal quote with them with out any success.

When i called Esurance on the 11th of April they had told me that everything was fine and that since i had paid in full my insurance that i would be reimbursed the remaining amount of the Insurance i waited 7 buisnees days and called in today (04/18/11),To see what happened to my check that i still have not received. Esurance costumer service rep transferred me to a licenced insurance rep indicating me that due to state of Florida DMV rules and regulation that they are required to keep my policy until the expiration date and they where not able to cancel. I called the DMV headquarters in Tallahassee Florida to confirm this information and spoke to a representative and they told me that i was required to have an FR-44 in order to have my licence active on my own i could do the filling for $15.00 or under any insurance company as long as i had one active(FR-44. I explained this to Esurance and the licensed rep said there was nothing they can do until the policy expires, because they had an agreement contract with the state of Florida in which they are also required to take payment in full which is bolony because i found monthly payments with GMAC insurance as well as other insurance companies along with my FR44 filed as well.

At the end ZERO costumer service and no loyalty towards there costumers and lots of misleading information to clients in need of an FR-44, There are lots of insurance companies out there willing to help people like us with FR-44 and SR-22, shop around but do not use Esurance, all they want is your money in full, and no bailing out until the end of contract now i am stuck with two insurance companies!!! thanks to Esurance and there little scam with less fortunate people like myself...

Monetary Loss: $893.

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The only way to lower premium, is to be a safe driver and prove it for a time: no tickets, no accidents. Next, lowering your coverage will also lower your premium. But, since you are paying off your vehicle soon, why not keep the premium you pay now? You will already be saving money.

Dropping to liability will only ruin your day when you get into an accident and that car you just paid off is trashed and you must start the monthly payment process all over again. It is better to have the inacusnre and not need it, then need the inacusnre and not have it.

All it takes is one bad accident to realize how little the inacusnre costs. Stick with your current premium because you will already be saving money when your vehicle is paid off.


I with them for six months. They told me my total is 689.00

After I calculate my bill, it was 775.95. I call them to see if my bill can be fix.

Shot story I asked the lady (what is the meaning of total)

She tell me no answer, instead she keep adding more bill to make it 775.95 .

I'll call the local news on them that will help not this website

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