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After purchasing a six month auto insurance policy, paid for in-full upfront, three months into the policy, esurance suddenly threatened to raise my rates by 30% unless I could validate my mileage. Their rigid requirement demanded that I produce two professional service shop bills which recorded the odometer, six to twelve months a part -- no less, no more.

I told them I usually service my own cars and do not use professional auto services that frequently, or in this particular case, have yet had a need for two such services (which was true -- I had only had the car a couple of years and its yet had a need to see the inside of a professional shop -- all I had was one smog certificate). I explained my dilemma to several people, and requested an alternative method -- one for which I could comply -- but they continued to request the same exact thing over and over, before I stopped communicating with them. They simply refused my very reasonable suggestions for an alternative method of verification (like using digital photos of my odometer, or having me drive to someone they choose who can validate the odometer). They merely kept digging in behind their initial demand.

So, I refused to pay the increase and left it for them to decide. A month before the policy was due to expire, they unilaterally chose to cancel the remaining month and refunded me for the final month which they wouldn't cover. After I received my refund, they then attempted to bill me an additional $50 cancellation fee for the cancellation procedure which they initiated against my wishes.

All around, my experience indicated they are a very incompetently run company. Given their demonstrated severe lack of intelligence in merely establishing a simple policy for me, I am merely glad I never had to go through any claims process with them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Esurance Auto Insurance.

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