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I have had Esurance for 5 years now. I had just purchased a newer vehicle and called to make changes to my policy. I received the changes and didn't think twice about the numbers. A couple nights ago i was on the internet and saw a Gieco ad and was curious as to what i would pay with them so i did a online quote and was shocked at what a saw. Esurance was charging me 1760 dollars for six months to insure my vehicle. For the same coverage with Geico they quoted me 600 dollars. That definitely peeked my curiosity, so I called another insurance company this morning and received a quote from them and was surprised at what I heard. Amica had quoted me for double the coverage i had with Esurance for just 1360 for the whole year with more options as well.

I called Esurance and asked them to review my policy and and try to explain to me why I was paying so much for six months. The woman I was on the phone with couldn't answer me so she put a "specialist" on the phone. I had explained the scenario to him and all he said to me was they don't do price matching. i told him I wasn't looking for price matching, all i wanted was an explanation as to why I was paying so much for my policy. He told me that was the rates they charge for my selections i made on my policy. So I told him that Esurance had just lost me as a loyal customer after 5 years and all he could do was apologize to me for wanting to leave.

I totally feel that they are a company out just for the money. I feel so cheated!!!!! If you need proof of this transaction i can show you my old policy with Esurance ad my new policy with Amica and you can see for yourselves!!!!! My email address is

My name is Christopher and I swear this to be the truth!!!!

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Horrible....I had to pay an attorney along with their high premiums! I have always been happy with Geico.


All insurances companies have different opinions as to what the "ideal" client is, and they have difference prices because based on statistics. This is why it's up to you, the consumer, to shop around and think for yourself.

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