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I bought a motorcycle policy the end of December, paid IN FULL for one year, a little over $150.00. Two weeks later I get a notice saying they want another fifteen bucks. I wrote them and told them to cancel my policy, and I got another letter stating pay the 15 bucks or the policy would be canceled.

Tonight, the 8th of February, I called and canceled the policy, only to be told I was going to get back, get this now, FIFTEEN bucks !!! Imagine that.

Paid the ploicy in full, had it less than 2 months, and getting back $15.00.

This company is crooked. STAY AWAY.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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Same here - total bait and switch - Got a motorcycle policy from them back in August, paid full amount up front. Almost instantly they started to flood me with additional forms and they wanted additional premiums, I just got a cancellation notice from them after seven months.

No refund, but get this, 'they'd be happy to write a new policy with me! Filed a complaint with the State of Michigan and went back to my old insurance guy.


That's similar to my story. Three months into a 6 month policy that I paid for upfront, they tried to jack up my rates too (by 30%!) -- I refused to pay and they canceled my policy.

Afterward, they also billed me an additional $50 for early termination/cancellation, even though this cancellation was entirely their own doing....my conclusion was the same as yours -- esurance is a total bate-and-switch operation out to bate people with artificially low quotes. Whatever they quote is, will be less than what they eventually try to squeezing you for.


Got a letter today from esurance, they are going to refund 60 bucks now instead of the 15 I was told over the phone, maybe the bad reports they are getting here is waking them up.


When you receive your policy, in the big white envelope, when you open it, on the very front page, upper left hand corner, it VERY plainly says: "Esurance Motorcycle Insurance Program".

So, esurance doesnt sell motorcycle insurance?????


Doesnt matter, ALL the documents arrive in esurance envelopes, and when you fill out the app online, they are esurance pages.


Esurance doesn't actually sell motorcycle insurance. They may partner with a different carrier but I think that's as far as it goes. Maybe see who actually issued your policy and talk to them.

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