East Brunswick, New Jersey

I was hit, head on, last week. The other person started to turn in front of me.

She was ticked and the police report said it was her fault. She even admitted to the police that she was turning in front of me. Then why is Esurance treating me like I am trying to defraud them. They won't pay the rental car.

They don't return half of my calls. They told me it was my responsibility to contact the other insurance company. After asking her what was the point of having insurance if you aren't going to do your job, she called the other company. They tried talking me into paying for the car, then going after the other insurance company for reimbursement.

I have already been switched to another representative, who also doesn't return calls. I tried to call a supervisor, but when I dialed 0 on their phone tree, it said the operator wasn't available. After multiple calls, it seems like someone mistakingly answered the phone. I asked for a supervisor, and she wouldn't connect me with one.

I tried being nice at first and got nowhere. After being extremely nasty with them, they are starting to do their job. As soon as this accident is taken care of, I am switching companies.

It is now a month later and I still don't have my car back.

I have notified Esurance, that if they need anything else from me, they can contact my lawyer. I have complained to the BBB and the NJDOBI (they handle licencing of insurance companies)and am awaiting their final statements

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New Jersey is a no-fault state.


I am skeptical of a web site thatpublishes bad comments about Esurance and then tries to sell you other companie's products.

Not a good sign......Lost all credibility..........


It is now 5 weeks after the accident. I am having trouble getting another company because Esurance said the accident was my fault.

The other driver admitted to turning in front of me and was ticketed for careless driving. These are the most incompetent people I have ever dealt with.

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