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On April 13, 2012 I had a not at fault accident where my truck incurred about $2,500.00 worth of damage; First it took until two days ago (10 days short of 3 WHOLE months) to get an appraiser out to look at the damage to my vehicle.

Then they apprasied my $2,500.00 worth of damage at a little over $1,200.00. My deductible is $1,000.00 leaving me with about $200.00 to fix ,y vehicle. That's not even enough to buy one headlight muchless fix the damage.

Bottom line, If you want your vehicle INSURED then ESURANCE IS NOT THE WAY TO GO. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND DO NOT EVEN WASTE YOUR TIME ON A QUOTE. You get what you pay for in most cases, but I definitely lost money by switching to Esurance.

ESURANCE IS THE WORST INSURANCE COMPANY ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET. If you have any questions for me or about my experience please contact me at 757-678-6115 or 757-710-1407 and I will be happy to steer you away from esurance as I would never want anyone to go through the horror story that I have with this horrible insurance company.

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Einsurance is owned by the world's worse insurance company ALLSTATE. They are world class at sucking


I can't begin to explain the lack of service I've received from E-surance!!!!!!!!! HORRIBLE!!!

We submitted a claim for our vehicle and heard from the adjustor before anyone at Esurance. We kept the appointment and had her come out and all was great. I called my claim rep, because I had yet to hear back from anyone other than her. Left him a message since he was on vacation!

Couple of days later (still no call back from claim rep) my adjustor calls back and I explain I haven't had a conversation yet with Mr. STEVE MONTIEL! she says, "Oh really?.. Well I see here that the check is already in the mail".

Ok I say. Well that was easy! (SO I THOUGHT!)

A couple of days later I don't see a check in the mail. Call STEVE MONTIEL again. No answer. Leave message. NO CALL BACK(It's been over a month now, and NO CALL BACK!!!!)

I then receive a letter that my claim is under investigation due to me being UNCOOPERATIVE!!!!!! Are you serious????

So I call the Esurance 800 number and talk with an extremely RUDE customer service rep in their Dallas office HOLLY BAILEY!!!!

I explain to her that I'm pretty upset that I still have a hole in my roof over a month after I placed my claim... She goes on to follow up my statement with "Lets get one thing clear, its your responsibility to cover that hole while your claim is under review and esurance will not be liable for any additional damages!!!" .. I think to myself, you must be kidding...

I *** my tongue and say, Yes.. I understand! She brings up my account and starts reading my account notes out loud. I go to explain additional items that may not be in my notes and she says "Well if you let me finish reading your file i MIGHT be able to help you"...

WOW!!!!!! I quickly interrupted her and requested a supervisor...

I ask for her direct supervisor contact information as well as the supervisor of STEVE MONTIEL who also worked at that office and his supervisors information... She passes me on to his voicemail knowing that he TOO is on vacation and won't be in until next week!!!

As soon as I get this claim settled, I will be leaving Esurance and I will make a negative post about their lack of customer care every opportunity I get... Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest... ANY AND EVERY OPPORTUNITY I GET!!!!!

It's unfortunate that due to these 2 individuals, I am know anti Esurance... The company shouldn't suffer for the lack of customer care these 2 individuals have provided, BUT IT WILL.

For all companies out there... BE PICKY about who answers your phones and interacts with your customers, because they will be what brand your company in the industry and these two people Steve Montiel and Holly Bailey did the worst possible job I could ever imagine and have lost me, my family and any one else I can talk out of becoming a customer!!!!!!!!

FYI... training Customer Service Representatives and Sales Representatives is what I do for a living and I can tell you right now Esurance knows nothing about Customer Care!!!!

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