North Charleston, South Carolina
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My auto insurance was good for 4 months but esurance wanted to charge my credit card to renew it. Double deeping.

I didn't allow it. I renewed the policy on time and the supervisor went over my record verifying my new address, she finalized the purchase with a fix price which I paid in full for six months coverage. Over a week later, esurance want to charge my account for more money. They breached our contract.

I refused to pay more and cancelled the policy. After the cancellation, they went and changed my record and double the cost of my premium showing I only paid part. Before, it showed I paid in full. They refused to refund my money in full and kept 3/4.

Nobody told me anything about extra charges and it was understood I paid in full for six months. They have customers on their hands with the personal information. Stay away from Esurance for sure you get robbed one way of another.

I made a mistake by believing the TV ads.

Product or Service Mentioned: Esurance Auto Insurance.

Monetary Loss: $503.

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I have friends that recomended Esurance, they are very happy with the insurance and the service they get. The claims they have had takem care of promptly and properly, I guess you only publish the bad ones, people that lie on their application, double click, all sorts of wrong things.

I am buying Esurance as I am tired of giving a lot of money to the other Rich companies.


dumb *** gave me 2 policies for one car charged my card for 2 down payments *** and the dunb *** above whoe gonna post their address on a public page you must work for them :grin


Why doesn't any of the customers post their name's and addresses and(or) contact the business owner?

This is a load of ***, and possible competitors trying to taint his business. Luis Rosas contact the authorities and all of these bogus complaints will surely get removed. Simple as that!

If listing's keep getting posted, have the authorities contact the domain owner and host provider to get there ip address which is unique to the customer provided at a given time by the internet provider company. It's like a fingerprint. The authorities will then pay a visit to that person.

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