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I've been with Esurance for about 3 years. Recently, my car 2004 Nissan 350z Roadster (also know as Black Mumba) was severely vandalized. I mean they destroyed the paint and ripped my beautiful rag top. My wife and I was devastated. We went online and filed our claim. Everything went smoothly. We received a followup call and was referred to Le Mans' auto repair shop. Stan sent a tow truck out and picked Black Mumba up. The Esurance team jumped into action and rented us a nice new Prius on their account. That was a good thing because we were going on vacation and man did we use that car. After Stan evaluated the damage, I received a call from Esurance's adjusters John Hurst Casualty Rep Adjuster and K Barlow. Even though it was the Thanksgiving Holiday things moved relatively fast. When we returned, 4 days later, Mr Hurst had the figures for us. He quoted the amount if they kept the vehicle and another amount if we kept it. The maximum amount they quoted was totally comparable to the amount "private buyers" were selling the vehicle for in our zip code and not that funky kelly book price. AWESOME!!! Then we purchased a new car and transferred our Esurance to it and received a $400 a year discount over our previous policy. Life just doesn't get any better.

My experience with Esurance was pleasant, smooth and without stress. I personally would recommend Esurance to all my family members --even my in-laws (eeeeeeeek!)

Blessings and Good luck America

Gregory Hayes

Monetary Loss: $13000.

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I do not believe this is a real Esurance customer.

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