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Esurance ruined my BMW. I filed a claim with Esurance on 5/18/2011 online and was contacted by my first claims rep on 5/19/2011. My disaster of a claim started with my first claims rep Ruby she seemed helpful seemed nice enough took my statement and informed me that they would have an adjuster out to look at the damage to the interior of my car that occurred from water damage but I should be aware that I would likely fall into a scenario where my vehicle would be totaled. WHAT? I was devastated I asked what she meant by that and she said your car is probably not worth fixing and would be totaled due to the age of the vehicle. I was sick about this my car is a 2000 323ci and while it's over 10 yrs old I bought it used and am still paying it off. It was in excellent condition prior to the leak that completely trashed my interior.

While I am wondering what my options are I am contacted from DOAN the adjuster's office and was told the adjuster would be out that day I asked what time they would not give me a time. I called back several times and was not permitted to talk to the adjuster to nail a time down or go over the damage to my car. Eventually I was contacted and told they were coming in the evening and no one showed I followed up with them and told them they had to go to the shop I selected A1 Body and Frame. They went to A1 a few days later and discussed with the shop not with me the damage to my vehicle. They issued their fist estimate to Esurance on 5/23/2011 which was to remove my rear seat bottom; rear carpet, b and c pillar covers, and front seats, console, and headliner then clean the carpet and put it all back in???? Seriously??? I had 6-8 inches of mold in my back seat and they don't think that's an issue?

So what was damaged? The rear seat complete back and bottom, headliner, A,B,C pillars, complete carpet front and back, and both front seats were completely soaked, the body shop told me I certainly would have to also have the rear side panels replaced also. Now I'm confused by the next call from Esurance I now have another claims rep? Daron was his name and well he was explaining the next steps to me including how my claim was going to be denied? I asked what? Why? He explained that my leak was due to normal maintenance issues and I should have maintained my sunroof. I was so upset as there was nothing wrong with my sunroof the leak originated under the headliner from some tubes that direct water out of the vehicle came loose. I don't know about you but as part of normal maintenance I don't usually take my headlined down and check things out. After telling him how absolutely absurd this was he let me know technically the claim hasn't been denied yet and I clarified but when it goes to review it will be right? He said most likely that this is never something they cover and said I should call BMW that he was just doing me a courtesy by letting me know up front what to expect.

After having a complete meltdown I called back in and demanded a supervisor and told them how ridiculous this was and how upset I was. Granted I have not been with Esurance for years like others have described but I've been insured for 17 years and NEVER made a claim. This supervisor apologized and said that Daron had no business telling me that and I emphasized my concern that since he is the one who presents my claim to the board he would skew the claim to look like it was my fault so they would deny it.

Meanwhile DOAN was supposed to go back to A1 and take pictures and submit a supplemental adjustment to Esurance. Yet no adjustment was submitted by Doan until I went back to A1 and discussed what was going on with them. They provided me the copy of the estimate which was again not for the complete damages not even close. I personally had to fax it to Esurance as well as A1 body shop. This estimate was never uploaded into Esurance until the Esurance Rep Daron expressed his total annoyance with DOAN their own independent adjuster and requested that A1 complete an estimate and email that to him directly.

A1 decided to write this estimate on all NEW parts to pad their pockets for a dent they fixed without my permission. The Rep I am working with there is brand new Daniel Legg so he assumed since I had an estimate on fixing the dent they would just do it while it was in there. They flat our refused to use used parts or to look for them they say that it's DOAN's job not theirs. They also would not use parts I found on eBay for 2000.00 plus shipping because they can't deny bad parts when it's not a junk yard or shop they usually deal with. While I understand this policy my goal and statement to them from the beginning was that I wanted all of the damaged parts reported and fixed even if they were a suitable used set. I asked A1 from the beginning if they could handle this type of claim and work and they assured me they could although Jay a long time employee I have trusted in the past with my friends vehicles laughed and told Daniel "this would be a good project car for him." At the point they were submitting the estimate to Esurance upon Daron's request they advised me it was better to ask for only some of the parts to be replaced initially so they would not total the car and then once midway through fixing Esurance would have no choice to pay for the other new parts the vehicle clearly needs.

Once Esurance received the quote from A1 on June 6th for $5337.40 they sent it for another review board according to Daron even though he assured me he was taking complete care of everything from that point forward to ensure everything was done correctly. Now Esurance decided to use the estimate from DOAN that was never uploaded way back on 5/27 because Daron said he knew it wasn't right or complete. So this estimate was to replace the headliner as new, b,c pillars from a random junkyard, the rear carpet only from another random junkyard, and the rear seat bottom cushion from another random junkyard. So that means ALL the other damaged items moldy and stinky will be put back into my car with miss matched junk that they didn't even verify the condition of from the junkyards. This is completely unacceptable!!! I've repeatedly called them to beg them to assist me properly and they push it back to the body shop saying they have to tell them there is more damage and the body shop says they won't pull anything else out unless Esurance tells them to nor will they write future estimates because Esurance re involved DOAN the independent adjuster whom I've researched and found complaints on him as well for threatening someone with harm while doing an adjustment as well as just being completely rude to people calling them liars.

I was left with no other options at this point than to tell my story. My partner of 4 yrs in a Firefighter Paramedic in the public service sector with tons of legal contacts as well as my corporation has legal counsel that I can utilize as a future option. I embed myself with companies I'm usually proud to promote and recommend to others in this case I will be running to share with everyone I can that Esurance is a fraud as well as never recommend A1 Body and Frame to anyone ever again. I have personally sent A1 at least 5 vehicles for collision repair over the last 4 yrs. I will be taking this same complaint to the Ohio insurance commission, The Ohio Attorney General, and the BBB. Holly Lacy – Esurance Claim FXP42578 Columbus OH.

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Esurnce sucks big time, look at all the complaints on line..


unless water damage is EXCLUDED, it is included. I don't understand why you find it so hard to believe that the insurance company would consider paying the claim - they have to pay, that is what their 'job' is!

All I have to say is that you get cheap service when you buy cheap insurance. Everyone wants to save a dollar, but don't complain when you get your money's worth...


Are you kidding??? This would likely fall under comprehensive, if you have that coverage, and the Esurance is right - this is normally NOT covered. The fact that you have gotten this far with them is surprising.

Additionally, read your policy, they CAN total your car, regardless of your personal feelings or the sentimental value, or in most cases, how much you owe on the car.

As far as the bodyshop - I would run away as well - They are NOT doing you any favors. A good body shop should work for YOU not the insurance company. The laws allow you to pick you repair shop for this exact reason.

And the tubes you are talking about don't just come unhooked. They might wear out - which is NOT the insurance company's fault or problem. It is a maintenance issue. Just because you can't see it, doesn't make it someone elses problem. Insurance doesn't doesn't cover your engine if it needs repair, unless it was damaged in an accident. Insurance doesn't cover your exhaust when it rusts out, unless, of course, it was damaged in an accident.

Why they are covering this claim in the first place is beyond comprehension. The fact that you are complaining about it is even more of a joke. Good Luck!


:( i was a custy of there s a few years ago after i had payed them off in full for my 6 month contract "up front" i recived a letter from them 3 months in stating they re looked at our drivers history and were not suposed to insure us in the first place they cancelled are insurance and gave no refund .My question is why in the world didnt they look at my husbands driver history in the first place >???? i even told them about the dui's and they said no problem .

Yet after they took my 1200.00 and refused to give a refund for the other 3 months we didnt use I still receved a letter asking me why i left there company . just wanted to share so beware !!!!


This "pissed consumer" got their car repaired, their lien paid off with a clean title (not salvaged), and a very significant amount of money in hand when all was said and done.


I came upon this site while insurance shopping; appears every company has some customer/former customer with a sob story; tale of woe; legit gripe; horror story.

My question is this: Tom-what country are you from?


Tom, did you even read ONE part of what the BMW person wrote. You are annoying and rude.

How can YOU pass judgement on someone elses problem. You are probably on this post for a REASON. Get a life. When there has been torrential downpours through out the country, things leak.

If she was gone for a few days with water in her car, mold grows. Hum, maybe you should go back to grade school, it seems as though you missed taking Biology!


Thanks for your input Tom. Again if you read what I wrote I never said I crashed any car in fact I said I've never made a claim having insurance for 17 yrs.

I simply said I sent A1 Body and Frame that many customers that were in collision accidents. Also the headliner was not loose or damaged in anyway prior to the claim the tubes above the headliner became un attached.

And I'm not a mold expert so I can't tell you the rate of growth given the temp and humidity ect. But I can tell you that's what happened and I hope you never have to experience it and yes of course I tried to clean it out hence making the claim after not being able to remove the smell or remaining mold in all the leather or in the carpet.


my bad! 5 cars in 4 yrs


I finish read all the blah blah.. you claim to crash 4 cars in 5 yrs.

That's why you use that company because the rest would charge lot more. quit making crazy claims.


It's your responsibility to maintain your old car not the insurance company. Plus you get what you play for.

Headliner in your car got detach so who should have notice it? Who should cover your car when it rains? That one long trip you took for the mold to grow a foot long. How is your calm legitimate?

Should the insurance play for my carpet if I step in dog *** and got in my car??

Should they pay for my carpet if my door fell off and I let rain in the car? or just the door??


I didn't let the mold grow in the car I was away on a business trip and returned to the mold in the car. And the sunroof has never leaked if you read the description it clearly states the tubes under the headliner became un attached.

I hope you never have a bad experience with your insurance it's not fair to anyone regardless of you saying they are cheap.

The BBB gives them an A+ rating which was part of deciding to go with them. When you pay for a service you should expect the company to deliver on it's promises they claim to take care of their customers but the obviously want to avoid paying a legitimate claim at all cost.


how do you let 6-8 inch of mold grow in your car?


I couldn't read a the blah blah, 1st you use a cheap insurance company, 2 sunroof leak in an old car is not cover by most. and last thing is you let 6-8 inch of mold grow in the back seat without once wiping it off.

you claim to love this car but you let 6-8 inch of mold to grow in it. you ruin your own car.


This ***** called Tom clearly works for BMW. I have a 2008 750LI with the same problem.

BMW's leak water from the sunroof water reservoir and drainage system. I've learned the *** little tubes (that are not mentioned in the owner's manual) get clogged up and leak water into the car...not a little bit, but a lot. Tom, you're an ***. A car owner can't "maintain" what they don't know, aren't advised on, isn't included in *any* manual, etc.

Stop posting on this.

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