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Update by user May 27, 2011

I just picked up my car today and it looks amazing! Esurance payed over 8000.00 to get my car repaired.

I take back everything I say about esurance they are amazing!

They are the best company I have EVER had to deal with. Thank you ESURANCE, you guys and girls ROCK!!!!!

Update by user May 06, 2011

I was contacted through esurance today. They have now decided to fix my car, fix the haildamage that was caused by not having my car for the past month, let me keep the rental until my car is fixed, pay the extra that the rental cost, and waive my deductable....this is awesome!

If they do what they say they are going to do I will recant my entire statement. Super happy!

Original review posted by user May 05, 2011

In April 2011 my car was vandalized outside of my home. The paint was keyed with a rusty knife all over my car and my tires were popped.I found out later it was by a kid who found out that I am getting trained to be in the law enforcement field. The kid was caught and is now awaiting prosecution. I contacted esurance whom I have had for several years and never used. I have a full coverage policy with them. I have never missed a payment and never filed any type of claim. I am a criminal justice major and know plenty of attorneys and judges. When I contacted esurance I had to wait 3 days to get an adjuster to come to my home and had to pay extra for my rental car because esurance only covers 30.00 a day. I ended up having to get the smallest and cheapest car that I could get. My car is a 4 door sedane luxury car and I have 3 children. The only car I could afford was a VW bug. Also I had to get the rental cars insurance in case the kids came back to key my new car per the rental car company. My deductable is 1000.00 and I have to pay even though it was a comprehensive claim. So noone contacts me for 2 weeks when I try to inquire about my car. They finally tell me it will be 2700.00 to fix my car plus my 1000.00 dollar deductable. All I need is a paint job and 4 new tires. They will not let me pick the company to fix my car and tell me it has to be the most expensive place in the state. My husband has to drive my car on 4 flat tires onto the wrecker because the tow truck guy cant. So my car does start and run. I continue to wait and wait to hear something about my car. Finally after a week of phone calls to esurance by myself and the collision shop we hear that the collision shop cant start my car. Now mind you my car was started and driven by my husband before the repair shop took my car. But now it will not work. My husband gets a call from esurance today the 5th of may 1 month after my car was taken and we get told my car is totalled because it needs 2700 more dollars worth of repair since it wont start and the rental car is due back tomorrow. and they are going to total out my car and pay 5000. to the company who I owe money to on the car. They ask me if I have gap insurance to cover the extra that they wont pay. Tennessee state law only has gap insurance coverage for two years when you first buy the car and I have had it for 3 years and never missed a payment. So lets see I have to pay 1000. and the payments left and they caught the kid who did this to my car who is a minor whose parents are legally responsible to pay and I get the shaft? How the heck is this right. Well esurance my professor is a judge, my family attorney is a judge and you guys just gave me a *** of a lawsuit against you and the body shop. Thanks because I will so be seeing you in court. Oh and how does it work that YOU guys get the money, the car and I get nothing? What about my pain and suffering? What about all the time I wasted for nothing! I WANT MY CAR FIXED! Too all you consumers NEVER get esurance they will ruin your car! What makes it worse is that my husband is the insurance guy who sold me the policy...oh well I guess his company now has a rotten story to tell about you guys too!

Anthony Hollon and Krystal Mangus

Product or Service Mentioned: Esurance Claim.

Monetary Loss: $7000.

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I'm sure it helped that they threatened a lawsuit. Looks like I have to do the same.


it is very refreshing, to see someone on a complaint site, return and recant thier statement fue to a positive response froma company. Seems to me a large portion of people complaining on these sites tend to go towards personel issues rather than the issue at hand. Myself, I have been a e-surance customer for lwess than one year, and they have one of the best insurance companies I have ever dealt wiht.

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