Detroit, Michigan

I recently had a bad experience with esurance,my vehicle was parked in the parking lot at work and was hit-ted on the right fender,the person who hit my car left her name along with her phone number on my windshield,I called her several times,and she wont call me back,so I turned it into my insurance company and they was able to contact the lady and she said that she knew nothing about being in a accident,to make a long story short esurance want paid for my car to be repaired claiming that I don't have broad collision.

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they cut a tree down just to make a commercial


Was just denied a police today from Esurance because I have a salvage title. The funny part about that is, it should not matter in a state like Michigan that does not have vehicle inspections.

Esurance is more or less saying that because of a salvage title, my jeep is a greater risk then other vehicles on the road.

Not taking in to account that I got it and rebuilt the whole thing. So mine is now pretty much safer then everything else on the road (you would love to have brakes as good as mine once I rebuild them).

This denial came after wasting close to 30 minutes of mine time on the phone getting a ton of info I wish now that they never had to begin with (to sell to some other crooked company I am betting).


Do not use Esurance. I found out I was driving with out auto insurance for two months. I only found out because I go :( :( :( t a letter from the DMV saying I don't have insurance not a good thing to find out from the DMV. All because I moved in with my boy friend come to find out they just wanted to know that he was not driving my car. They said they sent me a couple of emails that I never saw. They don't call people to tell them there is any problem they just canceled me. I used them for six years and never had an accident or had anyone hit me.

If I wanted to used them again they would treat me like a new customer so the six years means nothing to them. And If I used Esurance it would be at a higher rate..LOL They suck.

:upset :( :zzz


Do not use Esurance! They screwed me, their (ex)customer, royally.

I was in an accident because another driver turned into oncoming traffic (that I was in!!!) off of a side street. I had signaled and was in the middle of changing lanes when she hit me, because she "didn't see me".

You are NOT supposed to turn into oncoming traffic off side streets. No, it wasn't an intersection, so I was in the clear.

The officer said he couldn't determine fault since there weren't any witnesses, and Esurance did a terrible job of taking care of me. They failed to do their proper research. The other driver put down that she was already driving on the street, and they just took her for her word!

Now, they have listed that accident as "my fault" when they made no payout to anyone, on my MVR.

My insurance quotes are now ridiculous. DON'T USE THEM.


This insurance is a joke, I got to many hidden fees and in no time they raked a ton of money from my account. Go with a person you trust when it come to insurance.


People, bottom lines do not buy insurance from this company very bad customer service and giving a hard time for reasonable cost of the insurance


Esurance is terrible! After giving them my Drivers License number, Vin numbers, social security number and all the information they needed, i got a quote for an amazing price.

Shortly after I signed up, they began emailing me with questions about my drivers license, my cars, etc. My payments are up $134/month then originally told and my life keeps getting interupted with more and more questions! I get an email with a question everyday...what did I expose all of my information for if not for them to look into it before giving me a quote??? There should be a law against this!

they won't even let me cancel untill I show them I have another company!!!

Scammers who get you in on a good quote that is nothing but a fake quote!!! Watch out for them!


Esurance DOES SUCK. I have just called them today to insure my car, the guy "Rick" sounds very nice in the beginning of conversation, after I had explained to him that I have just moved from NY to CA and I just need to use my car to UPS store less than 500ft from where I have lived for shipping some home make candies maybe ones or twice a week and in the next minute he put me on hold… and came back and say I was use my car for a business and they do not insure car for business.

I do not have any $#&^%^ business, I shipped candies to my friends & family on the holidays…I just didn’t tell him that I only use my car for grocery shopping, I haven't find the job yet. I’m just like other 5000000 American people.

SUCKS is that people like Rick at “Esurance “assume and prejudge who you are instead of understood and proof who you really are.


I had a similar problem. I own a rental property, and Esurance said they would hit me with a "business surcharge" of more than $50 when they found out about it. They refused to waive the surcharge, despite the fact that, during the life of my current policy, I have never used my car for "business purposes." They also said that, for as long as I am a customer, my policy would contain this "business surcharge." Completely ridiculous.


Esurance DOES SUCK. I just got cancelled because I swapped too many vehicles on my policy and they thought I was a commercial acct.

Ever since Allstate bought this little *** company it has gotten worse. If you dont want a bunch of hassles deal with a smaller company who wants, deserves, and needs your business.

This megalithic company no longer needs one customer at a time! SUCKS!!


I'd love to know where Dan gets off making the assumption that the original poster is or was BLACK? His concern wasn't about his grammar, but the way he was treated by Esurance.

Dan, since you're a self appointed grammar monitor, you may want to check your response. It is replete with grammatical errors.

I can't stand a racist, particularly one who hides behind a computer monitor. Coward


Wow, you sound really, really, uneducated. hit-ted?

You was? Was you? Wow, i'm so sick of how terrible some black people are at speaking, learn to speak.

ALSO, you're not going to get covered for something you don't pay for to be on your policy. It's nobody's fault but your's in this case for skimping on your insurance, and being a complete, and utter, ***.


WOW DAN.....The guy sounds foreign to say the least. BUT U JUST SOUND LIKE A PURE RACIST PIECE OF ***!!!!! :( :x :upset :eek


I recently was in car accident with an "Esurance" customer. They have really bad customer service.

I tried an entire day to talk to some type Of adjuster, supervisor & Manager and no response.



not nice, Tim. It is actually COLLISION coverage that covers your car in this case.

I would encourage you to find out if there is a possibility that a nearby business has cameras.

The local police can also ask to see her vehicle and it may have paint transfer. Best of luck.


So you don't pay for comprehensive insurance which covers hit and runs. The only way you can get this fixed is to somehow get this lady to give you enough info to file a report with her insurance company or find her info and sue her. Next time you should probably consider getting a true insurance policy on your car rather than complaining about your insurance not covering something that you don't pay to have covered.

Maybe you would have read the terms of your policy better if you "hit-ted" the books a little harder

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