Orlando, Florida

"Born online"..."Insurance for a modern world" which basically translates to zero real customer service and the customer needs to do all the paper pushing and document gathering that an insurance agent would normally handle. All of these online insurance models are a joke for those of us who would like to receive service for our insurance dollar, however esurance takes the cake for #1 bait & switch.

They create this brand image that they are easy going and handle everything with the click of a button...wrong. They consistently asked me for more documentation (all research they could have easily done via my VIN) and then ended up allowing my coverage to lapse with my family driving around without coverage for 2 1/2 months because they stated they still needed some documentation. When I inquired about why they didn't let me know they needed this documentation, and in essence put my family's financial well-being at risk, their retort was, "We sent you and email." There's your insurance for a modern world mantra in action. In this day and age with fire walls, spam filters, etc.

they rely on email to let a customer know they are unprotected? Needless to say, I cancelled both vehicles post haste. I should also add that I had esurance coverage for a little over 2 years and they hiked my rates immediately with the first renewal period--again, that is part of their business model. For anyone else who enjoys having an agent or live person as the liaison between the customer and the company, avoid esurance!

They will save you money in the first year and then immediately hike your rates every year thereafter. And all the while provide zero support and service when it comes to important customer communications.

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