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I received a call on May 20, 2010 stating that my policy would change if I did not send in proof of prior insurance. I called to speak with someone the same day but could not get the representative on the line because I do not have insurance through Esurance. I called back on May 24, 2010 and was informed that the policy was created anyway. The reason I say "anyway" is because when I was trying to get a policy with Esurance I was told that I needed additional information to get the policy started and it would take too long before I could get the policy started, I told the representative that I would just go with GEICO instead. I was told the same day that the process was cancelled so I purchased GEICO and received my new cards and policy with them instantly as promised.

After speaking with a couple of representatives on May 24, 2010 I was told that I needed to send in proof of other insurance for the funds to be refunded and that the policy that was improperly started would be cancelled. I was also told that Esurance already had proof of my prior insurance which is boggling because when I was trying to get Esurance to insure me this was an issue had I received cards right then like advertised I would not have went with GEICO. However; due to Esurance request for me to wait I went with someone else and informed your representative of that so this policy and the funds should have never been started or withdrawn. I am owed a full refund for funds withdrawn from my account of $246.53 taken on April 5, 2010, $128.12 taken on May 5, 2010, and $35.00 in overdraft because of this error. The total amount due back to me because of the problem that your representative created $409.65 was expected to be refunded immediately this problem placed me into a financial hardship that could have been avoided. I spoke with Erin on 7-12-11 about an email stating "the documentation we received was insufficient to backdate the cancellation of your policy beyond 30 days due to lower coverage." She also said I would only be refunded $197.24 so I am out $212.41 plus overdraft charges on my account of $30/mth on a policy that was NEVER supposed to be started. I could not afford to get the same coverage from Geico that I could with Esurance had I been able to get the cards I would have kept Esurance. They have fraudulently withdrawn funds from my account and now saying if I would have paid more for Geico to cover me at the same rate I would have been given a full refund. Erin also stated that she did not see that I called in on 4 Apr to cancel and I waited a month before doing so. I did call because it gave me a number to call instead of the cards and was told it would take so many days before I would be covered so I canceled the policy that same day. I would not have had a reason to call back if I was told it was cancelled in Apr.

I was told that I needed to show proof that I had coverage from Geico started on the same day this policy was fraudulently created I did that. I am expecting a full refund of the money that was stolen out of my account. Esurance has stated they would refund $197.24 I am wanting the balance of $212.41 plus overdraft fees from my account from Apr ($30),May($30,)Jun($30),July($30) for a total of $302.41 placed back into my account. Esurance stole my money and should put it back.

Monetary Loss: $302.

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