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My name is Plutthiphong Perkins (Sprite). I am now seeking help for your suggestion both legally and in general.

I was lie to by Esurance company. The auto insurance I purchased was increased by $4,000 without my knowledge, within 2 weeks after I purchased the brand-new policy. I noticed this issue on 05/31/2019. I called to the customer service and found out the mistake that Esurance make and don’t want to correct.

And I truly feel that this is the unfair practice from this company not only to me, but all Esurance customers.

Please read details below, and if you think this can be a case, please let me know, I do sure know there will be cost involved, I just really need to see if it is even the case that I can fight in court or not. I want to sue them.

Here are the details:

Prior to 05/01/2019I am holding the insurance policy for my 4 cars in Washington with 3 additional drivers whom are my housemate. Those 4 cars are 2014 Mercedes, 2000 Mercedes, 2012 Nissan Sentra, and 2017 Nissan Versa. Later, I switched the car from 2014 Mercedes to 2010 Mercedes.I am the insurance policy holders and 3 others are additional drivers:

1.Jeffrey Perkins

2.Jeffrey Wright

3.Oscar ValenciaIn the Washington Policy tho, we have couple accidents.

Some was our false, some was not. 2 cars were total in separate accidents.2012 Nissan Sentra was totaled by Jeffrey Wright (we are not at false)2017 Nissan Versa was totaled by my friend whose were not listed as additional driver (we are at false)I sold 2000 Mercedes to my friend. So, at the end of the term, I only have 2010 Mercedes on the policy (only 1 car). Then I moved to Georgia.

05/01/2019I purchased another car – 2012 Toyota Prius.

I tried to have the Prius registered the car in Georgia. I learned that the car must have the insurance in Georgia, not Washington. I called Esurance to move my policy from Washington to Georgia. Esurance told me that I must completely cancel Washington policy, and buy new insurance in Georgia.I agreed.

I told Esurance to copy the same coverage as my old policy in Washington, exactly the same, except excluding 2 drivers out, Jeffrey Wright, and Oscar Valencia. Everything went thru quite well; I got my insurance quote for two cars for roughly $4,000.00 / 6 months because of the accident I have with the 2014 Mercedes. So, my insurance is high. I am agreed with that and pay the initial premium.

I got the new insurance card which stated only have me and Jeffrey Perkins on, which is correct as I want. I was told that my next due date will be on the 1st of every month.


One day before the due date, I checked on the in order to know the exact amount of premium that will get deducted the next day. I was shocked that the amount shown is roughly $1,500 instead of $700.

I called to customer service and found out that I did not sent in the exclusion form for other two drivers; Jeffrey Wright and Oscar Valencia. Then I try to explain to her that the policy is newly purchased, and I have told the sales representative in the beginning not to put these two persons in my Georgia policy.

All she insists to me was that she cannot remove those two persons without the exclusion form signed by them. The point is that the sales representative not suppose to add those two drivers in the beginning, not that I did not sign the exclusion form in time. She said the policy was written like this. All 4 drivers was on the policy and I need to cut out 2 persons later.


Again, I asked to talk to her supervisor, she told me that she can exclude Oscar Valencia out without the exclusion form, but she cannot back date to fix in the beginning. For, Jeffrey Wright, she cannot exclude it, Jeffrey Wright needed to be put on the policy. The sales representative did not do anything wrong, since Jeffrey Wright has totaled the Nissan and Esurance had to pay $8,800 for that. !!!!????

In fact, the accident that Jeffrey Wright involved, the other party was at false, and Esurance did not pay $8,800 on that.

I told her that if I go buy this policy from other insurance company, this would not be a problem, right?

But I want to be loyal customer with Esurance, why do I got punished by being loyal? She said if I go to other company, there will not be a problem. But it is Esurance policy to put the driver who make Esurance lose money got to be on the new policy !!!!!?????

I asked to talk to her manager. He again, said that to remove the driver, by law they need to have the exclusion form signed by those drivers.

No one seems to understand my point that this insurance policy not suppose to have these two persons: Jeffrey Wright and Oscar Valencia, in the very beginning. If it was the way that sales representative has submit policy, it still not my false !!!???

He mentioned that because of law he cannot, but he offered to remove Oscar Valencia out from policy, without the exclusion form !!!???

In conclusion, I got to pay $1,500 for the first month of insurance !!!??? Nothing Esurance can do, as the sales representative in the beginning has written up the policy like that !!!???

I am not happy at all, so I ask to cancel my policy, they said I have to pay another $800 penalty if I want to cancel the policy !!!???

I don’t have anyway out !!!

I truly believe that this is not the fair practice to anyone who fell into my situation.

This company has ripped off consumer.

I am now only have until 15th to pay $1,500, otherwise insurance will be canceled plus I have to pay additional $800.

If you have any suggestion, please let me know. I can be reached byEmail:spritekrub@hotmail.comCell:206.769.0109Mail:106 Baynard Street, Pooler, GA 31322


Plutthiphong Perkins

Product or Service Mentioned: Esurance Auto Insurance.

Reason of review: Not disclose and lie.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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