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Esurance told me when I got my policy that although their online quote was one price my final quote was a little higher due to an accident my hubby had almost 5 years earlier,"but no worries," they assured me,"it'll go down at policy renewal since the five years will be up by then." policy renewal was $100.00 more & we had no claims, incidents or anything. I called them & they told me that they applied for a rate increase in my state & that when you renew the policy you don't get the discount you receive for signing up the first time (So, wait, you penalize people for continued business?

Good policy). Then I ask about the previous phone call where I was told the new premium would go down due to my hubby's violation being removed. They said this had nothing to do with the policy. Wait, what?

So it impacts it to raise the policy but not to lower it? That's odd & cooked. So I told him in no uncertain terms that I was canceling, that I felt they were crooked & that even if I had to pay more for insurance I would rather not use them due to their dishonesty. So a little over one month later they overdraft my account renewing my policy.

I call them & basically between them & my bank it will be at least a week before my account is cleared up. Meanwhile I have an 8 month old & the hubby & I both work. How are we supposed to pay for daycare or groceries.

Not their problem I guess. Gas station sushi seems like a better idea than Esurance...if only I could afford it.

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When you see anything with "ALLSTATE" on it run for your life.ALLSTATE is about MONEY ONLY.Don't get me wrong i do deal with ALLSTATE as far as the "HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE" is concern.Only because it is very "REASONABLE".But when it come's down to both my vehicle no way.They are to "HIGH".Even if their is no ACCIDENT'S-TICKET'S ETC.They are still very very very "HIGH".AllSTATE alway's send's me mail trying to get me to get the vehicle insurance and I alway's tell them no way.They want to no why?SIMPLE TO EXPENSIVE.They want to know how much do i pay now for vehicle insurance.I just laugh and State half of what you want.CASE CLOSED.


Esurance started out as a website to obtain and find cheap insurance quotes from a number of companies but allstate bought the website when it became a threat and it's all over for comparasons now.


No one on this site knows ANYTHING about Insurance. Especially when you have idiots entering wrong information, don't enter the correct address where they live which cause price and renewal changes, also the state department of Insurance can mess with all of the insurance or surety companies.

I know all about esurance, I worked there, I also worked at an independent insurance agency (which I quit right away because they were dishonest & not telling their customers what they did to get the price lower and how they won't be covered for the stuff they think they should be and don't have enough coverage to pay any semi real car accident - the the policy holder has to PAY for the damages they caused....then they call with their jaw hanging open DOI?

Before you GRIPE how about educating yourself! :eek :eek


I kind of had the same problem with them too. I bought their insurance because a very attractive quote.

6 weeks later they send me an e-mail telling me I need to prove to them that my two youngest children no longer live at home. One is in Afghanistan, and the other lives in Couth Carolina. How am I suppose to prove to them they don't live with me? I gave them my kids phone number and addresses, but, nope, they just raised the rate to more than I was paying at Progressive, so I told them to cancel it immediately, but they took most of my 6 month premium for their higher rate backdated to the date I bought the insurance, and then charged me a hugh "cancellation fee".

Don't deal with these people.

They are crooks and have the old bait and switch routine down pat.


I just attempted to get a quote out of curiosity. It is double what I pay with GEICO.

I guess they lie when they say that they will search all the companies and give you the best quote.

I also noted when on the website that it is an Allstate company... :x

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