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My car was in a hit and run by someone on 10/19/15. I was leaving my friends house and I discovered it had been dented in the front bumper area.

I have no idea who did this and there was nobody around. I pay Esurance for full coverage. I called Esurance to report the hit and run and to get my car repaired and left it at a collision shop repair shop. An appraiser came and looked at the car and gave their estimate as to how much it will cost.

The appraiser told the body to begin working on the car. Action Auto Body Shop in Brooklyn. So they ordered the parts. It is now 12/25/15 and my car has not been repaired and I have been treated like a criminal.

This insurance company opened an investigation. They told the body shop to stop working on the car until the investigation is over. They have no problem taking my money to pay for their coverage but I'm paying for FULL coverage that I can't use. As a customer this is not how you expect to be treated when you are paying for a insurance.

I was told by email that they will not pay for rental, storage fee, and will not reimburse for towing fees. I have the email to prove such. Even though they are being paid for this. They still have not allowed me to get my car fixed instead they have made me send them personal information such as cell phone records, bank statements, car statement asking for text message from friends, pictures etc as if I am the criminal.

At first I was I was not sure as to why these particular was need and when I asked they told me it was protocol for a hit and run. I followed instructions and sent my personal information into their investigator (James LeViness), which makes no sense to me as because i'm the actual victim. Up to now I still don't see how sending those information is relevant to my being fixed. They are treating me like I am the bad guy and for the last 3 months they have been paid and I just gave them another payment 11/16/15 and I still have not got the approval to have my car fixed.

I'm paying for full coverage for goodness sake! I just want the dent on my car fixed. I'm not looking for settlement money or any type of financial gain. Im simply trying to get my car repaired by my insurance company since I pay them for that particular reason.

Its very unfair that customers pay these companies and they can mess around and not assist you like they advertise. FALSE ADVERTISEMENT! Why would I pay for full coverage just to be told I can't use my insurance when something like this happens. It defeats the purpose.

Its like I just been robbed the last 3 months.

While they got their payments now, they have turned there back and treated me like a criminal. Because of their prolong "investigation" the body shop has threaten to put a lien on my car and my car might get repossessed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Esurance Auto Insurance.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Esurance Cons: Not at all, No action taken.

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Could happen i had similiar situation 3 days after i changed to esurance though they have taken care of my car at least but ya quite a ordeal sorry hope things work out 4 you


You should file a small claims action against the insurance company and let them tell a judge why they are not paying for the repair... That's what I would do.


Sounds to me like you got in an accident then later purchased insurance. Now your trying to get the insurance company to pay for an accident that happen before your coverage.

I too have esurance, and have yet to make any claims, and I had the insurance going on 2 to 3 years. Your making a claim after 4 payments sounds kind of fishy to me.


first of all anonymous, I had Esurance way before the accident and secondly your comment is invalid beucase you don't know what you're talking about. If I didn't know better you probably work for Esurance trying to find something.

Pathetic. If anything you're the fishy one.

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