Miami, Florida
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I had a accident the first one in 8 years, and now they going to pay me used car part so the repair facility have to go to Junkers to look the parts for my new car, they give $4599.47 to fix my car and on the top of that they regulated the labor payment to the facility he say $40.00 and they pay him $38.00, it's the cheap insurance you ever seen in your life. On the top of that I have full cover, what kind of full covers it that none.

How many accident we have in 5 or 10 year maybe one or maybe none so we pay to the insurance more money than that in that case they have enough money for pay us our repair or give us total lost, so how can be possible that when we need it they respond with USED JUNK PART that no fair, that have just one name "STEALING". My car it's no old car it's just 3 years and I never had accident to convert my car in JUNK CAR. That what they provide you "JUNK CAR INSURANCE" THAT WERE THEY ARE A JUNKERS INSURANCE.

Please advise and do to take because they give you low rate its better pay a little more and have great insurance that cover for you than a low rate and when you need it they replay you as a JUNK CAR INSURANCE.

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