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Shortened version - lower level esurance employees are improperly trained leading to misinformation and costing you money. If they make a mistake, you still pay and they don't take responsibility. See below for full details

I spoke to an agent licensed in my state and was given a quote for my premium. I was told that if we paid in full then we would receive a 10% discount. We paid in full that day and thought we were done with it. 15 days later I received an email stating that my card would be charged $29 with no explanation for the charge. I called customer service to find out why I was being charged this amount and was told that quotes take 24 hours to generate in the system, so when I paid in full I didn't pay the full amount because I was only given a calculation. I was not told this on the day that got the quote and paid $521. Had I been told this I would have waited the 24 hours to see the final amount before paying anything. The agent I spoke to when I called customer service was very rude and didn't understand how I was upset given that I had been told one amount only to be charged even more than what I was told. After demanding to speak to a manager and being connected to Rebecca (who was atleast understanding and not rude at all), I was informed that the discount for paying in full isn't even necessarily 10%. It can be 10%, but it depends on your coverage. In my case, I wasn't given the full 10% which is not what I was told the first time. I was simply told that in the state of Colorado, you received a 10% discount for paying in full when I was getting my quote. I explained that had I known about all of this then I would have waited the 24 hour period before paying anything, and pointed out that she could clearly see that I paid $521 the day I was quoted thinking that was the final amount. She said she would be suggesting the agent who helped me to be retrained in some areas so that he wouldn't give inaccurate information again. However she still wasn't willing to remove the $29 fee even though her employee was found to be misleading. When most companies do wrong, they try to fix it. Not esurance. If one of their employees mess up, the customer is just forced to pay even more. I will be shopping for a new car insurance policy once this one is expired.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $29.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Esurance Pros: How calm the manager remained.

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