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Worst Insurance company ever! I have never been through so many hoops to finalize auto insurance.

I recently moved from California to Florida to help with my sick mother in-law. Moved in with family without a job and had to switch from Geico due to outrageous increase in policy for no other reason than the fact that we moved to another state. Esurance gave us a quote closer to what we were paying in California so all seemed good. Till we had to prove that we are actually living in Florida.

They request to see a bank statement with 30 days of purchases in Florida. Im not sending a bank statement with account info to any one. I tried sending other forms with proof of address and none are sufficient. I even had to have each of my cars specifically inspected for damage.

This company is completely inconsiderate and do not recommend getting your auto insurance with this rude and ridiculous company.

So see you later Esurance.

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They give you a set list list of good documents. They're an insurance company, not a black market criminal organization.

You already give them the last 4 of your SSN when you speak with them, why would you act like they're gonna steal your information? Do you realize what that would do to them? I work for a well known cell phone company, and it is dumb *** pompous self righteous idiots like you, that make m day so freaking enjoyable. Sarcasm by the way baby.

So stop being a ***, and just do what they ask so you can get your insurance. Simple as that.

Or you can simply blame the world because your wife is constantly sliding a strap on up you every night and you kinda sorta like it now, but your fighting your feelings and past memories. Bye fucko


You kiss your boyfriend with that mouth. Who cares what you think.

I am telling the truth of a companies policy standards that were unlike anything I had ever dealt with.

And who responds to a comment from almost 5 years ago. Someone has too much time, go back to watching your *** ***.


You can submit things like lease agreements or a landline utility bill!


Same *** happening with me here!! in my case its Progressive.

All I could send is rental agreement and their acceptable documents are something like homeowners insurance, pay stub .

Are they sick? I could send utility bill but I moved here just a week ago and utilities were connected under my roommate's name plus one bill wouldn't do, they need two different utility bills.


Keep in mind situations vary from city to city, county to county, state to state - rate of fraud, # of accidents, frequency and severity of car thefts, more hail damage, you name it. Also, each state has their own insurance laws and so rates will vary as some states require higher levels of minimum coverage than others.

CA has VERY LOW minimimum limits. I don't know what the minimum limits are in FL.


Just so you know, vehicle inspection is required in certain counties in Florida due to the high insurance fraud and crime rate. As for the address, as I used to work for an insurance company, when they run your records and see everything is still in CA and you are purchasing a policy in FL, why shouldn't they ask you to prove your address.

If that was the case people that live in NYC that pay $6k every year for a policy could say they live in Kentucky and pay $400. Simple business. And do you really think a insurance company is going to steal your bank information? Do they not already have access to every report possible including your social security number, credit report, exc.

I don't think they are going to clear your bank account. I'm a geico customer and I had to go through the same thing with proving my address when I moved to a different state, I guess I just understand why I had to do it which is the difference between us.

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