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I recently purchased a policy from esurance approximately two weeks ago, online.I made my first down payment, received my policy package online and my insurance I.D.

cards with my correct address and zip code. Now, two weeks later esurance sent me an email stating my policy is pending cancellation due to a different garaging zip code that I supposedly typed in on my online application.

I was told that I would have to pay TRIPLE the amout I was quoted for or they will cancel my policy. I told them to go ahead and cancel for they cannot tell me that I put in a different zip code when the I.D.

cards I printed have my correct name, address and ZIP CODE! I realize then that esurance is a crooked company who is trying to get over.

I am sorry that I was so excited when I was given their "LOW" quote that I rushed and told all of my friends and family about them.

Now I have to go back and explain to those same people what esurance just did to me.I should've known that they were too good to be true.

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Ok seriously...quit bein a baby. Example...two pepple live in LA... one lives in ghetto and one lives in middle class neighborhood. Do you mean to tell me that both of them should pay the same amount? Same driving records cars etc...obviously the person who lives in ghetto is gonna pay more cuz it's more risky. Other side...someone who lives in an area where they drive bmw and benz is also gonna pay more cuz if you hit a expensive car, its gonna cost more to fix. Gee....I wonder what they use to figure out where you live?

I have esurance and I have been with them since they started almost. I have moved all over the country for my job and when I've compared no one can compete. They also have the best customer service department I have ever dealt with.

I recomend Esurance to any rationial person who wants a car insurance company who actually cares.

Sorry there's not a *** driver discount. Maybe if u didn't have a poor record u wouldn't pay so much

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